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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Nothing to do with anything...

Okay, this is a bit off track, but hey, it's MY blog, right! Two days ago I saw this little guy hanging around the yard underneath the big pine tree in the morning and then later in the day just lying in the grass soaking up the sun. We don't have dogs (just cats) so he must have felt comfortable enough to be out and about during the day (we usually only see racoons at night). I grabbed my camera and shot this seriously amateurish video of Coonie (named after Jack's childhood pet racoon... real original, I know. :)) I have been messing around with this video all morning... even added my own audio clip! Woo Hoo... look out Kathryn Bigelow!


  1. He is cute but keep your distance, I was always told if you see one during the day he may be ill. Raccoons are often carriers of Rabies. Now your guy didn't look mad or frothy, but just be careful ;-) We want to keep reading your blog for years to come!

  2. i agreen with amber...if you see it during daylight it may be ill. but that is a great video! way to go!

  3. awww~
    But I must agree with the girls...NO to rabies shots!