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Monday, April 5, 2010

A chopper what?

This is a chopper hopper.


I honestly didn't know what this was either when I brought it home from a recent auction. It was in a box with some other stuff I wanted, so it came home with me. I thought it might just be a lidded jar to hold cotton balls or something on a vanity until I googled "chopper hopper."

OMG! yea, it's for holding dentures. That's why it's a grandma character holding a toothbrush and tube of toothpaste. People who wear dentures apparently don't sleep with them in their mouths... they put them in a container on the night stand.

Classic dental Americana maybe? We'll see, it's going on ebay very soon. Creeps me out actually, though it doesn't appear to have ever been used. Euw!


  1. Ha ha! I have one of those, too, but the one I bought doesn't have those words so I thought it was a Mrs. Claus lidded box to use for the holidays. Then I googled the description and found out it was a denture holder. Ewwww. As far as I knew, when people take out their dentures at night they'd put them in a glass by the bed--this practice must have grossed someone out and hence the cutesy yet creepy chopper hoppers.

  2. I love her little puckered smile! I thought a Chopper Hopper sounded like a floozy who "hopped" from one Harley Davidson owner to the next but Granny there doesn't fit the visual for that hypothesis!

  3. yup! the puckered smile seals the deal! that is kinda how my grandma looked when she took hers out. that is awesome!!!! quirky, but awesome.