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Monday, March 29, 2010

What to do with all this...

bias tape!

There is alot of it... dozens and dozens of packages of single fold and double fold in every imaginable color... many still unopened. When I saw these at a recent auction, my hand went up like a rocket but now I'm not sure why... in the back of my mind I think I had a plan for them, but now can't remember what it was! I'm suffering from inventory overload. I can barely get into the room where I store all my auction finds and this box is one that's been staring back at me for weeks. Help! What should I do with it? Your ideas are very much appreciated!!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Vintage sewing patterns and awesome vanity

Okay I went a little overboard at Saturday's auction, but hey, it was my birthday so I bought myself a little something... six boxes of somethings actually...

I hit the motherlode of vintage sewing patterns to be exact. From the 1920s clear through to the 1980s, this dear woman must have been sewing every day of her life. I counted them up today... 417 in all. Just a few from the 1920s, a nice collection from the 30s, 40s, and 50s, and the bulk from the 60s and 70s, my favorite decades because that's when I did most of my own sewing. I even found a few patterns that I know I sewed when I was in high school... the prom dress I made in 1966 (shown in this post)
and this shirtdress...

that I made in 1965 for the first day of my high school sophmore year. I made it in a blue/green cotton fabric that had a small, all-over flower pattern. I made view #1 without the collar and accessorized it with a skinny black patent leather belt. And I wore my hair in a medium-length flip. The whole look was classic 60s. I seriously remember all this because that was the day I met the "first" love-of-my-life and subsequently the architect of my first broken heart. I was sixteen years old. sniff, sniff.

Here's the other treasure I snagged at auction...

A 1941 waterfall vanity... I've been looking for one of these for a very long time. They are not too difficult to come by but because their surface decoration is primarily veneer, they are often found in poor condition. This one is in remarkable shape and has all its original hardware... a steal at $20.00. I love it... the mirror is enormous!

Sunday, March 21, 2010


So today is my birthday and for some reason over the last couple of days this tune has been playing over and over in my head. Years ago when we lived in Colorado, I worked at an antique shop... we played music throughout the day... nice, mellow, catchy tunes, nothing too distracting. This particular one was a favorite of mine. When I was alone in the shop, I'd prance around, sing along and wave my dusting wand to "Keep Young and Beautiful" from Annie Lennox's "Diva" album (some irony huh!). The lyrics may be offensive to some... feminists, particularly... but they're of a satirical nature, I assure you. Compared to the original 1933 version by Eddie Cantor... black face and all (bound to offend just about everyone). So don't watch that one, enjoy this redux by Annie Lennox... just havin' fun.

Life is good, God is great, age is a gift.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Catching up...

Ugh, I've been sick with a chest cold last few days so am just now catching up. Best part is I can sleep as much as I want and I don't feel guilty 'cause I need it and my body always heals faster if I just sleep. And the other is, that Jack cooks for me... he's the best... chicken noodle soup yesterday, shrimp quiche with asparagus today. What a jewel!

Back to reading my favorite blogs too... Week-long Blog Party over at Leah's! Every day is a surprise... giveaways, competitions, lots of fun. She's just so darn cool... MoxiePhotoDesign.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Paisley Party

I'm joining the party of my friend, Leah, over at MoxiePhotoDesign... she's having a paisley party so here are some of my favorites...

A tablecloth I bought in Isfahan, Iran, many, many years ago. The Persians were the first to use the paisley design... who knew?

a duvet cover on my bed... in fav colors.

a vintage Vera Bradley scarf in awesome orange and purple... I actually bought this from the estate of an old lady here in town... I think there may be a motherlode of paisley in the homes of our town matrons... wouldn't you just love to snoop through their closets?

a modern Vera Bradley paisley pattern from a 2009 calendar. I love these colors... could pass for a Lilly Pulitzer too.

I think paisley is here to stay!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

First Signs of Spring!

Oh, Happy Day! Hyacinth orientalis 'L'Innocence'

I have not walked our property nor inspected the garden beds since December when I cut pine boughs for our holiday decorations. I purposefully avoided my enclosed vege garden where I grow our summer food and medicinal and culinary herbs... mainly out of guilt. You see, I never put the vege garden to bed last Fall... the tomato cages have been standing all winter long holding up the dead, dried tomato plants from last summer while the soggy, rotting leaves of the cabbage, kale and chard still lay like a thick carpet over the beds they once proudly ruled.

There is a point, usually in late summer when I give up trying to control the weeds and bugs and just say, "screw it, you win again." Then, in late September, I was busy planning our trip to Italy and everything went to you know where in the garden. I even left the garden gate open in the Fall so the deer and other critters could go in and feast on the remaining veges that I never managed to harvest. Okay, I'm done beating myself up.

Today I surveyed the detritus close up... started pulling out the tomato plants and the cleome stalks and withered vines of cucumber and hyacinth bean... everything actually comes out of the ground pretty easily after decomposing all winter long (I may make a practice of this).

In the herb bed, I spotted a few green sprouts of comfrey poking through, then over there some spinach left from last Spring, sprouts of chamomile, yarrow, feverfew, and dill and then, oh my, an entire thyme plant appeared through the dried weeds and grass by the fence, just where I planted it last Spring.

Perky and healthy and full of life! What a joy to see its tiny gray-green leaves and smell its familiar pungent scent. Spring is coming, the plants know it and I am so ready.

Oh, Happy Day!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Latest auction finds...

Had a banner day at auction last weekend bringing home these treasures...

A vintage 1960 Sunbeam Hand Mixer!! Never, ever pass one of these gems up... they are gold, literally. They were made here in the U.S.A. back when we used to make things in this country and made them very well. Though harvest gold is not my first color choice this baby makes up for it in mechanical perfection. Gotta whip up something with it very soon.

A mess of milk glass... all in one fell swoop, who could resist?

A sweet, sweet triangular nut dish... pink with charcoal gray bottom. So chic I can hardly stand it.

Nice oval bowl... sleek lines in matte black... gotta keep this one.

So cute baskets... remind me of summer and grilling parties.

Charming footed egg vase... perfect for Easter.

Sublime satisfaction.