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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Paisley Party

I'm joining the party of my friend, Leah, over at MoxiePhotoDesign... she's having a paisley party so here are some of my favorites...

A tablecloth I bought in Isfahan, Iran, many, many years ago. The Persians were the first to use the paisley design... who knew?

a duvet cover on my bed... in fav colors.

a vintage Vera Bradley scarf in awesome orange and purple... I actually bought this from the estate of an old lady here in town... I think there may be a motherlode of paisley in the homes of our town matrons... wouldn't you just love to snoop through their closets?

a modern Vera Bradley paisley pattern from a 2009 calendar. I love these colors... could pass for a Lilly Pulitzer too.

I think paisley is here to stay!


  1. duvet cover on my bed <--my favorite of your paisley! wow, those colors are wonderful!

    and i use the crass "old lady" term, and you use the lovely and respectful "matron" term..i like your term better!

    and you are not the image i have of *old lady* at all, classy lady, not old.

    thanks for playin along!

  2. They are all very lovely--and I would agree I think paisley is here to stay--it just needs a broader invitation into my house!