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Monday, March 29, 2010

What to do with all this...

bias tape!

There is alot of it... dozens and dozens of packages of single fold and double fold in every imaginable color... many still unopened. When I saw these at a recent auction, my hand went up like a rocket but now I'm not sure why... in the back of my mind I think I had a plan for them, but now can't remember what it was! I'm suffering from inventory overload. I can barely get into the room where I store all my auction finds and this box is one that's been staring back at me for weeks. Help! What should I do with it? Your ideas are very much appreciated!!


  1. i'm struggling tonight to be creative AT ALL, so the only thing i can think of isn't really super creative at all, but it could be pretty. think big clear jar...and unravel that bountiful beautiful bias and fill it up for the season!

    i'm bias because my mom is a seamstress, but i usually bid on this sort of stuff too, it's 'sewing stuff' how can one resist?

  2. I have quite a stash of these as well... I store them in a big old vintage jar. But when I eventually can get myself to part with them, I sell them on Etsy! There are always buyers out there looking for vintage sewing notions.

  3. Thank you both ladies! I'm still just looking at the box 'cause even though stashing them in a big jar would look cool, I really don't have any place to stage such a jar and I really, really want them outta here. I may use them to wrap gifts (substitute for ribbon) as one other friend suggested. I really do have to get a grip on my impulse bidding. Down hand, down!