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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Morcilla and mussels

Last night was my night to cook so I bought one morcilla sausage at the mercado in the morning along with some fresh green beans and arborio rice for the risotto. Jack was not real keen on the morcilla idea, so he purchased some mussels to steam just in case. This was the first time I cooked morcilla so I wasn't sure how to go about it, but Google saved me once again... slice and saute, no brainer. The interior of this sausage is really soft so gentle treatment is a must. I learned there are several types of morcillo, this one was most definitely Andalucian... sort of spicy, rich and savory. I loved it! This was also the first time I made risotto without careful measurement; there are no measuring cups or spoons in this kitchen, so I just winged it. Thanks to Jamie Oliver for his no-fail risotto recipe that is my go-to. It turned out great just eye-balling the amount of rice to liquid; it accompanied the morcillo and mussels perfectly. All together, a rich meal, but that's what wine is for, right!

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