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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Birthday dinner in Seville

Today is Jack's birthday and he's cooking dinner for us in our abbreviated Sevilliano kitchen. There is a 2-burner cook top (sadly electric, not gas and no oven) on which he's making sauteed duck breast with fresh homemade plum sauce, steamed asparagus, and green salad with cabra and kiwi dressed with sherry vinaigrette. I'm just writing the post about it :), he doesn't need my help. For both of us, it's a treat to have the kitchen to ourselves to create a special meal. Since it's his birthday, I let him christen our itty, bitty kitchen with his menu of choice. Soon I will have my day and do something with a special local sausage that I remember from previous trips to Spain. It's called morcilla (blood sausage). Stay tuned!

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