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Monday, October 17, 2011

Remember gym suits?

Our's were white, one piece, with short sleeves, a collar, button front, a fixed belt with a metal loop-type buckle and bloomer bottoms. Just hideous. No wonder half the girls hated gym and pleaded to get out of it. We had to take our gym suits home every week for laundering too and then on Monday, coach would check to make sure our suits were clean including our sneakers! When I came across this pattern in my stash, it reminded me of those gym class days and the associated anxiety of wearing such an awful outfit. Who the heck designed those things anyway?


  1. I remember gym suits! Ours in the 8o's and 9o's weren't too awful, but I hated gym all the same. Glad I'm past those days!

  2. Me too, Amber. thanks for stopping by!