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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Squash and Pumpkin Harvest

Today was harvest the squash and pumpkins day in the garden and here is the bounty...

I planted alot of everything but unfortunately I neglected this garden for most of the summer so didn't get as many pumpkins as I would have liked. Tons of acorn and butternut squash though!


  1. i love it! what a bountiful harvest...even with neglect. i would love to be your dumping ground for acorn and butternut squash if you have too much. brent and i both love them! we usually buy um up at road side stands!

  2. Oh darn, Leah, if I'd known I'd have dropped off a bunch to you. I love to grow this stuff but usually plant too much and end up giving it away to friends and food net. I'll keep you in mind for next year though.