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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Duck Confit Leftovers

Our first night in Barcelona, I ordered duck confit... a dish I love but would never take the time to make. It was scrumptious... but a half a duck is too much even for my hearty appetite, so I asked for a togo box. My husband cringes every time I do this in the states... in Europe, he absolutely wants to crawl under the table. Me, I have no problem with this... I learned to cook with Julia and she never wasted anything! Plus we are staying in an apartment here with a perfectly good kitchen where I know I can make something really wonderful out of these "leftovers." We have this ongoing "discussion" about what a "vacation should be," but that's for another post. I love to cook and cooking on vacation in a foreign kitchen with foreign ingredients appeals to me in ways I can't articulate. The Mr. is not so enrolled. I won this one though and made an awesome duck quesadilla the next night with the confit, manchego cheese and a berry, wine, balsamic reduction sauce. (Thank you to whomever left the French mixed berry preserves in the frig). Even the Mr. thought it was yummy... the compromise being... no more "leftovers" this trip. Sigh.

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  1. that looks absolutely delish! i love the image of the kitchen (was that on facebook?). i think i would totally want to try out cooking in the place you are staying too. how cool, you international chef, you.