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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Day trip to Cadiz

This lovely little town in southwestern Spain has the most beautiful blue sky and pleasant Atlantic Ocean breezes -- a wonderful escape from warmer inland cities still simmering in the late summer heat of Andalucia. Not only is Cadiz the oldest, continuously inhabited city in Europe having been founded by the Phoenicians in 1100 B.C. and later inhabited by the Romans, it is also the port from which Christopher Columbus sailed from on his 2nd and 4th voyages to America. That was exciting enough for me, but then there is the Cathedral which took 116 years to complete. The church bells ring so loud, that standing in the cathedral square, you cannot hear yourself talk. It's a beautiful sound though and captive reminder to being present in the moment. I couldn't help thinking about the millions of people who walked here for thousands of years and the remnants of the many civilizations buried beneath the square. Nearby there is an archeological site that reveals the ancient history of Cadiz beneath an episcopal palace -- evidence that Phoenicians and Romans used this site for worship and as a funeral complex. Later, with the arrival of Islam, it was used to summon citizens to prayer.

Cathedral square is bustling with activity all day and night... here, you can sit in outdoor cafes under the shade of umbrellas, sip a sangria, and people watch while pondering the wonders of this place. You can also eat. Charlotte, our hotel receptionist, recommended a couple of great places to eat; one of which served the best food we had in Spain so far. Taberna El Tio de la Tiza, a quaint little tavern with outdoor seating near the beach. They served the freshest fish and seafood and wonderful homemade croquetas.

In Cadiz, we stayed at the Hotel Patagonia Sur, a small hotel on a side street off Cathedral square. The delightful staff were so helpful and welcoming, we can highly recommend a stay here. Also, the breakfast was substantial and delicious.

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