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Friday, December 21, 2012

Winter has officially arrived

Two days ago we had our first real snow this year producing just a few inches but with the help of high winds, some substantial drifting. Luckily our neighbor has a John Deere tractor with a blade that scooped much of it out of the way so we could get the cars out of the garage. The wind has stopped now and the day is crisp and beautiful. Here are a few snow scenes on our property.
After the wind calmed down and the sun came out, the cats ventured outdoors a few times and left these tracks in the snow on the patio. Peaches left the heart shaped one by performing a first-position ballet pose before she decided to go any further. Our cats often step in the same paw prints they made on earlier walks and I wonder how they know to place their hind feet in exactly the impression of the previously stepped in spot, without looking back! Uncanny.
Welcome to winter.

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