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Monday, February 8, 2010

Snow Angel

So we're up with the sun this morning, nursing our coffee, and surveying the back yard from the warmth of our kitchen, when Jack notices an angel in the snow. Yea, a little angel just squatting there in our yard. It wasn't there yesterday nor anytime ever before that.... so how did it get there? did the wind blow it there? or was this a neighbor's practical joke? Thoughts of a divine messenger crossed our minds too. Jack took photos, I took photos.... then the duhhhhhhhh gobsmacked me. .. it's a bird feeder with an angel figure sitting on its rim. I'd placed it there in December to feed the birds and then forgot about it when the snow started falling around that same time. We've had so much snow, the thing has been buried for two months. In the last couple of days, the snow melted enough to expose the angel, but not the dish. Mystery solved, while Nature played with us.


  1. that story made me chuckle. thanks for sharing.

    i like the divine thoughts though.