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Sunday, December 13, 2009

A mystery in pastel glass

I bought these two pretty salt and pepper shakers at an auction recently because I loved their colors and the sweet litte bow design around their middles. The green one's cap is corroded to a handsome verdigris nearly the same shade as the glass. Unfortunately, I can't tell you much more about them, not for lack of trying though. I've searched everywhere I know but they don't show up in any of my books as classic jadeite or hazel atlas platonite or other common milk-glass makers. One friend suggested they are probably pressed glass and not mold blown because they have no pontils on the bottom and the insides are very flat. Also there are no markings on the glass or caps. So the mystery continues. Meanwhile they sit on the shelf above my monitor. Pleasing to the eye while carefully concealing their true identities... to be revealed at a later date, hopefully.

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